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Dream It Real is a little place on the web inhabited by the spirited team at Hitcents. This is our home away from home where opinions are shared and ideas are born. While clients greatly benefit from our creativity, we needed a place for all of the extra stuff. Here we can share our values and show off other personal talents while high-fiving ourselves.

Hitcents Hosts Innovative Dinner and Creative Event

Bowling Green, KY.- Hitcents held its first creativity and innovation dinner on February 20 along with Entertainment Fusion Group PR in a private dining area at the elegant Terroni restaurant in Los Angeles.

The dinner brought together industry leaders and executives for a night of open discussion and inspiration. Priceline CEO, Jeff Hoffman was the keynote presenter. He talked about the importance setting goals to reach dreams. He encouraged others to learn from each other and give 100% of your focus to one goal at a time.


Mobile Game Development in the Chinese Market – Payment Systems

I have discussed in my previous blog entry about the complications of deploying a game in the Chinese marketplace here and how fragmented the market is here. In addition to the challenges involved in app discovery, a much more complicated situation arises when it comes to collecting money from your users. Across most of the mobile world payment systems are pretty simple.


Mobile Game Development in the Chinese Market – Fragmentation / Chinese Channels

As I discussed in previous blog entries, business in China is hard and releasing content is even harder. One of the major challenges that isn’t typically a consideration around most of the world is how to distribute your app to the end users. For example, if you are looking at the Android platform in America your primary focus is Google Play with some consideration of placing your APK on the Amazon App Store.


Mobile Game Development in the Chinese Market – Should you consider it?

As a game developer or studio you may be considering expanding your market by looking into other emerging mobile territories across the globe. As I have personally taken on the challenge of expanding the Hitcents mobile distribution channels to the Chinese market I felt it might be helpful to give some pointers for others looking to do the same thing. Below is a list of five things to consider when you’re looking to expand your market:


The Challenges of Starting a Business in China – Part 8 (China vs. America Payroll Taxes)

As an owner of a small business that started with three employees and grew to over 50, (and writing the back end to a payroll software program), I’ve had to learn a lot about payroll taxes throughout the process. Starting a company in China required learning a whole new set of tax policies that were very foreign to me. You often hear about tax differences between countries, but going through the process on my own I was able to see the net differences between the United States and China.


The Challenges of Starting a Business in China – Part 7 (Learning Chinese Characters and Enjoying Them…)

Within weeks of my arrival in China I hired a Chinese tutor to teach me the language twice a week, in hour-long classes. To select the right person I searched around, did some interviews and settled on a particular individual because he believed in teaching not only the language, but also focus some of our time on character development. There are many who disagree with doing any character work themselves because they are so complicated and unnecessary to speak Chinese or get around China.


Battlepillars: In the Making

Battlepillars has just been released for iOS and Android devices. There were many people on the Hitcents team that helped make this dream a reality, and they wanted to share a little bit about what that process looks like. Here’s the inside scoop about how Battlepillars was created.


The Challenges of Starting a Business in China – Part 6 (Opening an Office)

As discussed previously, a physical office is required to receive a business license in China. Finding the perfect office to start with was an exhausting process that took weeks. The first thing we had to decide as a company was whether we want to rent an office that was ready to move in, or get space that would require some renovations and office furniture. If you’ve spent any time searching for rental office space in America you will know that it is traditionally quoted at USD per square foot per year. So if we want to know our monthly cost we have to divide that figure by 12 (months).


The Challenges of Starting a Business in China – Part 5 (Getting to know the Chinese Business Culture)

In the past, I have written about my experience of opening a business in China, and at this point I have learned a good deal about Chinese culture. Below I’ve outlined some different observations I’ve made during the process.


The Challenges of Starting a Business in China – Part 4 (Articles of Incorporation and Certifications)

To continue with the China saga discussed in my previous blog posts, (Blog #1, Blog #2, Blog #3) it was time for Hitcents to register with the Chinese Government. Believe it or not, this is where things got even more complicated and time consuming.

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