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Dream It Real is a little place on the web inhabited by the spirited team at Hitcents. This is our home away from home where opinions are shared and ideas are born. While clients greatly benefit from our creativity, we needed a place for all of the extra stuff. Here we can share our values and show off other personal talents while high-fiving ourselves.

Epic Sounds With The Draw a Stickman Epic: 2 Team

Our game development team brought out their inner talents as voice actors this week, recording sounds for the upcoming Draw a Stickman: Epic 2. Taking a roundtable approach, they took turns recording voices and sounds for the many characters and items in the game, ranging from a scientist to a tiny turtle, and much more. 


How To Adapt To Different Development Environments

At Hitcents we pride ourselves on being able to produce multiple solutions for our Clients while simultaneously releasing award-winning games for a global market. Our teams come from a wide variety of backgrounds and skillsets. Our ability to leverage those talents is what allows us to continue producing innovative ideas and quality products.


Hitcents Goes to ChinaJoy

In another whirlwind trip across the world, Hitcents was able to make a stop at ChinaJoy 2014 in Shanghai last week. ChinaJoy is one the largest game festivals, with over 250,000 people in attendance. For Hitcents, it was an exciting week full of meetings with key partners and networking events to broaden our opportunities.


Localization vs. Culturalization

When we design games or apps, we optimistically strive for an experience that can have widespread appeal, crossing geographical boundaries and gaining legions of fans in numerous countries. It’s an admirable goal to have a game that can be enjoyed by so many people, yet achieving widespread success often requires considering numerous factors that can make a game or app suitable for multiple markets. As one would expect, language is often a primary factor to consider.


The Importance of The Design of Your Workplace

Your office is a reflection of who you are and how you work. That’s why we, at Hitcents, are emphatic about maintaining a fun environment that’s also conducive to creative productivity. When the stresses of work become a little overwhelming and we need to take a break, we can head to the café for a game of ping pong, or out on the balcony to watch the Hot Rods warm up for their next big game. If we’re hard at work and find ourselves stuck in a creative rut, we’ve got several spacious conference rooms, perfect for brainstorming.


Growing a Business: Our Decision to Open an Office in San Francisco

San Francisco is well-known for being the center of technology and innovation in the United States, often deemed the technology mecca of the world. The money and resources have young entrepreneurs flocking to the Bay Area from all over to pursue their dreams. Glu, Kabam, Zynga and other mobile gaming giants also have their headquarters in San Francisco. We realized that in order to become a top global technology company, Hitcents would need to position itself at the heart of the U.S. tech center by opening an office in the Bay Area.


7 Ways to Boost Creativity

A light sparks and a glimmer of an idea flashes before your eyes. It’s that burst of inspiration that you wanted. Creativity is its own unique creature—ephemeral, often appearing at its own time and, frustratingly, sometimes disappearing just when you need it most. But if creativity doesn’t come to you naturally or easily, you don’t have to idly wait for the moment to arrive. There’s more you can do to coax an inspired thought.


5 Driven Duos

Duos have often been at the core of some of the greatest and most innovative businesses. Hitcents itself was the creation of twin brothers Chris and Clinton Mills, who took a passion for website design while in high school, and turned it into a successful creative and interactive agency that now spans applications, games, website design, marketing services, and more.


Considering In-House Services? Why Interactive Firms May Be A Better Option.

When your company is needing a website or app, you may think that hiring someone to work for you in-house is the best solution. Naturally, you’ll look for candidates with the most experience, with multiple completed projects on their resume.


E3 Highlights: 4 Major Takeaways

Recently, a few members of our Hitcents team had the opportunity to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. This yearly trade fair for the video games industry brings together publishers and manufacturers to showcase their hardware, games, technological advancements, and more. For many companies, E3 is a pivotal moment to launch the newest products and innovations.

Who Are We?

Hitcents is a collection of technology savvy brains paired with imaginative designers. This group all shares one common trait. We all love the power of an idea or a dream. Together we create innovative solutions so things function better for users.

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